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Visiting Students

Shannon Benson


Shannon Benson is a software developer in her final year of the University of British Columbia’s Second-Degree in Computer Science program. Prior to her time at UBC, Shannon obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Victoria. 

With the knowledge gained from her first and second degrees, Shannon has a deep interest in understanding human-computer interaction (HCI), and investigating how people use technologies and how best to construct technologies that are accessible and intuitive. 

Shannon has completed two co-op terms at Routific (a start-up for a route optimization product) and Tasktop Technologies (which focuses on integration and value stream software’s). At both companies, Shannon worked as a full-stack software engineer for web applications, while playing an active role in the user experience (UX) development of these products. Additionally, Shannon has worked as a member of UBC’s Code the Change club to develop a mobile app for the Developmental Disabilities Association. 

Shannon hopes to continue gaining experience in UX design and learning more about human-computer interaction while creating intuitive and effective web and mobile applications. 



  • UX Designer
  • Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)
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