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Visiting Students

Shervin Mortazavi


Hi, I’m Shervin! I’m a 7th year UBC student studying Software Engineering, with a second bachelor's degree in Microbiology and Immunology. Science is my process, and making games is my passion.

I think very critically about the design of games, and how technology and art can merge together to make for a memorable experience. What makes a game fun? Why are some games so technically simple, yet such a blast to play? Why are other games, despite having gorgeous art and revolutionary tech, are no more memorable than an 11th season episode of Frasier? These are the question that keep me up. That, and why I still don’t have a dog.

In my spare time, you can find me working on random Unity projects, tinkering with my arduino, or working on my most current video game.

I’m very excited to worth with the wonderful folks at the CDM this term, and using this opportunity to apply both my technical programming skills, as well as my background in scientific research.