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Visiting Students

Stephanie Wu

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Stephanie Wu is in her fourth year of studying Business and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. Her experience includes software development on the Analytics platform at Later, a high-growth marketing technology platform, where she worked with Ruby, JavaScript, AWS, and a number of APIs (such as the Pinterest and Facebook Graph APIs) to deliver insightful data visualizations to hundreds of thousands of users. Through her internships and course work, she discovered her love of value-providing digital experiences and being a part of creating them.

In addition to her technical grounding, she enjoys considering the products she works on from a holistic perspective and is both a business and an experience design enthusiast. Over the past year she has collaborated on different passion projects through her involvement with UBC Launch Pad, a student-run software engineering club with professionally-organized teams, as both a member and currently a team lead. Some of her current favourite apps on her phone (iOS) are Bunz, Pocket, and TickTick in terms of product design.

Primary tools/languages (+ frameworks) she has worked with/in:

  • Ruby + Rails
  • JavaScript + Angular, React, Ember
  • Python + Numpy, Pandas
  • SQL
  • Docker
  • AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB)
  • Sketch, Figma
  • Browser console


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