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Here's what industry and government partners, students, and faculty have to say about the Masters of Digital Media Program:

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Industry and Government Partners:

Programs like the Masters of Digital Media at Vancouver’s Great Northern Way Campus are critical to help grow the interactive entertainment industry in the greater Vancouver region and beyond.  The MDM program builds upon solid academic fundamentals, and mixes that with industry expertise and experience, preparing students for leadership positions in our industry upon graduation.

- Don Mattrick, Senior VP, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft


You are in a phenomenal space... you are going to lead the world in terms of companies that are coming, how media is changing, all the ways that we are going to live.

- Paul Lee, Former Senior Advisor, Electronic Arts and Current General Partner, Vanedge Capital

I want to thank you for imagining something that could happen…because there's no doubt in my mind you are going to be creating an awful lot of magic as we go into the years ahead.

- Hon. Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia


The MDM program has the unique advantage of training students within the structure of a real-world production environment.  It’s education in a live-fire setting – a must for fostering the next generation of talent for the interactive entertainment industry. 

- Dave Fracchia, Vice President of Technology,Radical Entertainment


The Masters of Digital Media program is developing leaders of tomorrow’s knowledge based industries. The MDM fosters excellent relationships and partnerships between industry, government and academia and is making a tremendous impact in BC that will be felt for many years to come.

 - Howard Donaldson, Vice President, Studio Operations, Disney Interactive Studios


If the world didn’t have an MDM Program, it would have to be invented. 

- Alberto Lumbreras Carrasco, Team Lead, Telefonica R+D 


The students of the MDM Program who worked on Precipice were professional, creative and deadline-oriented. They produced extremely high quality work under tight deadlines all the while creating a successful environment for communication, interaction and camaraderie.

Precipice represents an extraordinary achievement and a significant milestone in the evolution of Global EESE. Precipice will play a key role in communicating the challenges and opportunities we face as a global community due to the effects of climate change and how individuals and/or organizations can better understand these complex interactions and take steps to find shared solutions. A big thank you to the MDM student team for helping bring Global EESE to exciting new heights.

 - U.S. Department of Energy



The MDM represents a unique opportunity to immerse one’s self in the very essence of innovation. 

- Luke Johnson, MDM Graduate Student, Class of 2010


This is the place to become a creative leader in today’s media driven world. Backed by four major institutions and extremely relevant industry support, the MDM learning environment is one of a kind and exactly the educational experience I’ve been looking for. 

- Brian Ford, MDM Graduate Student, Class of 2010



If you are seriously looking to excel personally and professionally in digital media then the MDM Program is THE place to be. I wouldn't trade my MDM experience for the world. 

- Nadia Aly, MDM Graduate, Class of 2009 + Online Community Manager, Microsoft


The Centre for Digital Media represents a once in a lifetime opportunity: To be part of something new and exciting that has no equal anywhere else in the world. 

- Ashley Blacquiere, MDM Graduate, Class of 2009 + Mission Designer, Radical Entertainment


The spirit of collaboration between diverse partners with very different backgrounds and interests has made its way into every part of the program, from the curriculum to the projects to the makeup of the student body itself. The challenge and reward of working towards a single vision with people who don't think or act like me is one highlight of my time at the MDM.

- Matt Jenkins, MDM Graduate, Class of 2009 + Assistant Producer, EA


Coming from a film background the MDM Program is a chance for my own creative evolution. It's also a unique opportunity to use the technologies that allow us to create virtual worlds, to help us re-imagine our own. Nowhere else offers this combination of academic excellence and industry support, along with a world class faculty and staff. The program truly feels like a window into the future.

- Aerlyn Weissman, MDM Graduate, Class of 2009 + Award-winning Film Maker


The organization of this program stimulates collaborative, creative learning with a focus on industry driven projects. A truly revolutionary educational experience.

- Ashley Welsh, MDM Graduate, Class of 2009 + Co-founder, D-Sign Touchless Interactive Systems



The MDM program is a success in three ways. First, draws a highly motivated and multicultural student body, and generates a bevy of high quality talent for BC industries. Second, it attracts the best of digital media industry and culture to share their ideas and techniques through lectures, workshops, exhibition and instruction. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it advances the state of the art of digital media, creating countless possible avenues of discovery in the craft, the science and the industry of computational communication and entertainment.

The MDM program is a remarkable program that is destined to change the direction of digital media.

- Dr. Harold Chaput, MDM Faculty, Building Virtual Worlds + Technical Director, EA


The MDM Program offers a truly unique experience for students where the art of innovation and the business of digital media co-exist side by side. MDM is setting new precedents, and in my opinion is listening to the demands of an industry converging towards excellence in Vancouver, Canada and internationally.

- Patrick Pennefather, MDM Faculty, Interdisciplinary Improvisation