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Shape Properties Corp., a fully integrated real estate company, was looking to transform signage in their industry which led them to the Centre for Digital Media (CDM). With a desire to show people today what they can experience tomorrow, Shape identified the shortcomings of capturing the future on a single billboard and other two-dimensional signage. They challenged the students at CDM to design an innovative digital media application to introduce their highly anticipated Brentwood Development Project, a 28-acre reinvention of an existing suburban style shopping centre into a vibrant, mixed-use, transit oriented city centre. The goal was to create a digital experience that better communicated promotion, entertainment, signage and way-finding for the Brentwood Development Project while building an iconic brand statement. Five talented individuals with diverse and complementary backgrounds – Team A5 – will collaborate with Shape on this thought-provoking and exciting project. Bringing with them expertise in architecture, business management, communication and graphic design, Team A5 will research, propose and prototype solution(s) that address Shape’s desire to demand more from the signage experience.