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Vision-Aligned Tenants

Centre for Digital Media (CDM) is supported by and connected to the vision-aligned CDM tenants and industry partners that drive digital media innovation and success on the global stage. 

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Leasing opportunities

See all the benefits of becoming part of the Creative District. View the current lease opportunities.


Ayogo Health Inc. is on a mission to improve lives through behavioral science application. Ayogo helps patients to state their confident and informed treatment preferences, to set and achieve meaningful goals, and to collaborate effectively with their clinical team. This unique approach builds trust between patients and the care team, while driving meaningful outcomes.  

Departure Lounge provides a range of innovative tools and technologies that facilitate access to the Metaverse, along with creative services and Web3 expertise that utilize those technologies. 

DigiBCis a member-based, not-for-profit organization and the voice of the BC creative technology industry since 1998, focusing upon video games, interactive media, animation & VFX, and mixed-reality (AR/VR/XR), virtual production. 

They provide value to their members through government relations, educational programming for future talent, community events, and professional development training. DigiBC believes the creative technology sector is the place for young people to build fascinating careers, whether as coders, artists, producers, or audio engineers.

Hammer & Tong is a boutique studio creating transmedia content for an integrated media landscape. At the intersection of culture, storytelling, politics, design, and technology, the international team dreams and creates historical narrative content for film, television, virtual and augmented reality, gaming, and podcasting. H&T has won numerous awards for its intercultural co-productions and is a proud ally in supporting the celebration of underrepresented histories and in building a more inclusive media ecosystem.

Kafka’s Coffee Roastingis home to coffee sourced directly from farmers and roasted by Kafka weekly.  Its renowned bakery offers a full range of mouth-watering pastries and breads, as well as lunch and an all-day breakfast menu, plus a fully-licensed drinks menu. The entire café and its sun-soaked patio are available for private events and catering. Kafka brings its immense love for coffee and a desire to provide high-quality, brewed coffee in a supportive and community space, making it the perfect complementary tenant to the hungry and thirsty creative community.

Variational AIis a team of experienced AI/machine learning and business specialists applying state-of-the-art generative AI to drug discovery, since 2019. The team works in close collaboration with biopharmaceutical partners in order to bring new therapeutics to market across disease areas and positively impact lives.