The Visual Story

MDM course calendar

MDM program year:  One
MDM term(s) offered:  Term 2
Room Number:  Classroom One
Instructor:  George Johnson
Credits: 3

This course teaches students to understand and analyze linear storytelling in digital media, through the study of film and video game narratives. Over the course of a semester, students learn to:

  • Form an intellectual framework for the analysis of narrative in film and interactive devices
  • Understand the basics of plot structure
  • Identify elements of linear storytelling that can be imported into and is advantageous to interactive media
  • Develop narrative in interactive media

The course is designed as a combination of a series of lectures, discussions based on assigned film viewings and video games, group projects and individual assignments. Special attention is given to character development, themes, plot structures and the relationship between these elements.

Students also work in teams to write, produce, shoot and edit their own series of short digital media projects.