Projects I

MDM course calendar

MDM program year:  One
MDM term(s) offered:  Term 1
Instructor:  Larry Bafia
Credits: 6

What better way to learn than by doing? In this course, students learn about project planning, management and execution – all while building digital artifacts in parallel. The methodologies they learn in the lectures feeds into the team-based projects for this course, and are complemented by feedback from the faculty on each team’s processes.

By working on several different projects with different colleagues in each project, students get a hands-on experience in dealing with different project pipelines and team configurations. They learn and practice Agile Methodology – fast becoming the preferred project management style in the digital media world. 

The bulk of the course will focus on actual production and project presentations, with a heavy emphasis on iteration and rapid prototyping. The learning experience will be through actual hands-on work as well as student presentations including proposals, updates and interactions with industry clients.