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J. Dan Scott

J. Dan Scott  | faculty

Dan Scott is a games industry veteran with over 24 years experience specializing in producing and designing games, building and managing high performance development teams, and directing all aspects of game development on all platforms.

Dan has had a passion for games and the games industry since the mid ‘80s and after completing his education in Robotics was able to turn his passion into a career. Starting out with Distinctive Software (later to become Electronic Arts Canada) as a Software Engineer he developed an interest in game production and made that transition after 10 years with EA.

Scott spent several years as a Producer/Consultant prior to joining Nokia in 2003 and quickly proved his capabilities and was promoted to Senior Producer for North America in 2005 and then to Global Head of Production in 2007. Mr. Scott left Nokia and joined Slant Six Games in January 2012 to lead the team developing the procedural rendering engine for Microsoft’s “Galactic Reign” project.

Most recently Dan has been helping game companies tune their production and development processes as well as providing feedback on game design to enhance player engagement and retention.

Over his career Scott has shipped over 45 games on a variety of consoles as well as PC and Mobile platforms.

Courses: Projects I - Building Virtual Worlds, Projects II, Projects III

Projects: 3D Patient Authoring Tool with CyberPatient, Anatomy Education Application with The HIVE UBC, Gold Mania with Truly Social Games, Idle Mini Game + East Side Games, Immersive VR Holocaust Memorial with Zeros2Heroes, Infinite River Studios & Hammer & Tong, Mobile Augmented Reality Exhibits with KPMG Ignition, Multi-Player Communication-based Collaborative Problem Solving Game with UBC Department of Theatre & Film, Out Of The Box, Pokerface, PROJECT ACME, Read & Butter & Dusk Wave Arts, Robot Overlord 2 with Marginally Clever Robots, Smart Watch App with Samsung, Tugboat Simulator with Vancouver Maritime Museum, Virtual Production for a Digital Play with Realwheels Theatre Company, VR Esports with AMPD Technologies