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Tom Scholte, BFA, MFA (UBC)

Tom is a nationally recognized actor in the realms of theatre, film, and television. Among his numerous screen credits are a Genie nominated and Leo winning performance in the feature film LAST WEDDING, a Gemini winning performance on DA VINCI’S INQUEST, and a Leo winning performance in the short film EXPOSURES. On stage, he is a two time Jessie nominee who has appeared for such companies as Vancouver’s Pi Theatre, Ruby Slippers and Arts Club Theatre Company, Toronto’s Modern Times Stage Company, and Whitehorse’s Nakai Theatre.

In addition to his continuing artistic practice, Tom in engaged in ongoing research exploring cybernetics in the Stanislavski System of Acting and the naturalistic theatre as a modelling facility for complex adaptive social systems. HIs publications on this work can be found in the journals Kybernetes and Constructivist Foundations.

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