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Carlos Alejandro


Caloy graduated from the University of Asia and the Pacific in the Philippines with a BS IT degree in 2004. He entered the gaming industry as a Community Manager and then progressed on to the fields of International Business Development and Product Management; interacting with top game development firms from Japan, Korea, China, and Taiwan in order to deliver, market, and manage top caliber game content to the Philippine market through ABS-CBN, one of Asia's largest media conglomerates. He dreams of one day being able to put up his own firm which will create fun, innovative, and - most importantly - successful games which are a far cry from today's cookie-cutter products. He entered the MDM program to augment his business skills with knowledge of the creative side of the industry in order to further complete the platform upon which he plans to build his dream on.


Apr 2010 (Cohort 2)