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Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly  | alumni

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Apr 2010 (Cohort 2)

Liam started life with ambitions to become a Ninja but soon came to realise that the smarter route to world domination was through animation in all its glorious forms. Armed with creativity, cunning and a wicked sense of humor he gained a Bachelors in Animation from Thames Valley University in leafy Eailing, UK, creating in the process the blackly comic cult net toon Spaz & Twee. After a short interval of country-hopping in South-East Asia, he is preparing to study for a Masters in Digital Media at the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver, and from there implement the next stage in his Master Plan: to form his own animation company and take over the world!

Projects: ANSWER , Last Minutes, Last Rites, Shift Seven Interactive, The Booty Bandit, Volo Migliore , Zynga: Social Games