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Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson  | alumni

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Apr 2010 (Cohort 2)

A native of rural southwestern Ontario, Luke Johnson's academic background consists of a BA in English and Contemporary Culture from Brock University. During his time at Brock, Luke found his most enjoyable courses to be those that allowed him to expand upon his lifelong enthusiasm for storytelling, video games and technology through the exploration of theories of literature, culture and media. Luke plans to curb these theoretical interests towards pragmatic ends during his time in the MDM program with the eventual goal of bringing about a more natural integration of computing systems in domestic spaces. He plans to facilitate this goal through the development of hardware and software designs informed by principles of human identity rather than technological convention.

Projects: Bateman Centre Interactive Visualization Project (BCIVP), Carbon Chaos 2010, Last Rites, Project Blue Sky, The Booty Bandit, Three of a Kind, Volo Migliore