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Mu-Chian (Ken) Jiang

Mu-Chian (Ken) Jiang  | alumni

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Apr 2012 (Cohort 4)

Ken is an avid gamer and experienced game developer. He has a programming background and a good eye for aesthetic solutions. Ken graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree from Ming-Chuan University in Taiwan, and is proficient in game design/development pipelines and methodologies. He is a capable cross-disciplinary communicator, and can speak to both artists and engineers. He has implemented eight video games through his technical and 2D/3D expertise. In addition to being a great team worker, Ken has the artistic and programming expertise needed to independently create video games.

Ken believes his education in the MDM program will be instrumental to his future as a game designer.

Projects: Community Pulse, Left 2 Live, Pro-Fit