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Aaryaman Basu


Born in Kolkata, India, and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- Aaryaman's cultural identity has been strewn across two countries both of which have absolutely no dearth of cultural wealth. It is the very reason he requests his mother to whip up some Kheer right after a flavourful meal of Bak Kut Teh, or, perhaps why he enjoys playing Cricket as much as Sepak Takraw.

Aaryaman received his undergraduate degree from the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, wherein, he took complete advantage of the freedom of a Liberal Arts education- enrolling in classes ranging from Graph Theory to Living with Climate Change. Amongst a myriad of vital skills, the emancipatory pedagogy of his education instilled lateral thinking, accentuated his curious disposition and augmented his tolerance for ambiguity.

Upon graduating, he entered the realm of User Experience Design wherein he got in on the nuances of complex enterprise systems and figured out how to streamline user flows, amplify user joys and mitigate user pains. He has also gotten the opportunity to dabble around in the unique and challenging world of product management. He is no stranger to intense scrum poker sessions and enlightening sprint retrospectives. As a budding junior product manager, he always looks to keep the development team enabled and proactively strives to improve the team's morale.

In his free time, you can catch him playing the drums, learning new tricks on his jump rope or mastering the fine art of how to put together the perfect California roll.


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • UX Designer
  • Marketing / Communication Specialist