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Bruce Lee


2 years experience in blockchain, 1.5 year in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and 3 years as web developer (Full Stack)

Experienced web developer trained in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Nodejs and React as well as SEO expert in Business analytics and SEO. Familiar with blockchain technologies like Smart Contract, Consensys design and Web3js.

I have co-founded two start-ups in blockchain and have been a successful website administrator owning several websites. 

I have a strong knowledge in advertsing. I utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) to generate traffic for our sites. For low competitive keywords, we can usually rank top3 in Google search. I have an extensive knowledge on backlink building, seo optimizations as well as multiple analytics tools like ahrefs, SEMRush etc.

I am also a self-learner through channels like Youtube, edX, Coursera (with more than 10 finished certificates). With my background in engineering, it is easy for me to understand the trends happening in tech. As the market shifting these days, animations has becoming more important in video content over the years and every company should start to think of new ways to advertise and esatblish their brand awareness. 


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • Entrepreneur
  • Front End Developer
  • Marketing / Communication Specialist
  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Web Developer (HTML/CSS/Java Script...)