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Deb MacKenzie


Deborah has been a User Experience professional for over 7 years, working in Vancouver and in the United Kingdom. She loves creating exciting solutions for new applications and is passionate about protecting the interests of the end-user.

She initially took a BSc degree in Computing Science intending to be a programmer, but soon realized that the part she was really excited about was designing user journeys. Since then, she has enjoyed working directly with users to determine what they need, creating application designs, setting interface standards and negotiating with stakeholders to see major projects through to launch. She's also been involved with amateur theatre as a producer and actor.

She's joined the MDM program to pursue a more active approach to project management and team leadership. She wants to make the jump from junior positions to senior ones – from being a team member to team leader. She's also looking to take her design skills to the next level, to see what she can do on the cutting edge of interaction and media.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)