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Emma Bousfield

Emma Bousfield

Emma is a learner – an engaged, diligent, and resolute learner with a keenness to continue expanding her knowledge and understanding of innovative technology. With a growing skillset, Emma is wary to place herself into just one bucket, however, professionally, Emma works as a product designer. Her love for designing products comes from the challenges faced when trying to solve big problems. A self-proclaimed lifelong puzzle-lover, designing beautiful and usable products is Emma’s version of an adult puzzle.

Prior to MDM, Emma studied at the University of Waterloo and graduated from their Global Business and Digital Arts program. She then took a year off to work for Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Aquatic Species at Risk program as a product designer and worked as the lead designer for an Ontario-based start-up. Looking into the future, Emma hopes to continue refining her skills as a visual and UI designer while also becoming a more skilled coder and programmer (the greatest puzzle Emma hopes to conquer one day). The different fields Emma wants to pursue a career in include healthcare, sustainability, urban planning, and gaming – yes, it’s quite a range, but Emma believes each of these areas has so much potential to grow.

In her free time, Emma enjoys practicing and teaching yoga (she’s been a yoga teacher for 3 years), making pottery, cooking/baking, and picking up a new hobby. She’s new to Vancouver and hopes to pick up rowing next spring with Vancouver Rowing Club’s “Learn-To-Row” program.

When asked what she’s most excited about for the MDM program, Emma said “I’m most looking forward to collaborating with like-minded people who have a variety of skillsets. I’m ready to learn, and fail, and learn, and fail again – ultimately, I’m ready to be challenged and have a great time doing so.”


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
  • Product Manager