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Ethan Tan

Ethan Tan.jpg

Ethan graduated with an honors degree in Multimedia Computing and worked in various companies specializing in print and web design. He has excellent graphic design skills and is ambitious.

Prior to his master's studies, he worked at a cosmetics company in 2011/12. Besides maintaining the company’s website and other design assignments, he was also responsible for ensuring successful and competitive web advertising campaigns. Apart from audio-visual editing, he performed quality checks for his team members. He is known to be perfectionistic and has a good sense of detail.

He also has one-year of work experience in Italy where he gained experience understanding his client’s business issues and target audiences. He was able to create designs that were cost-effective and in turn met the company’s goals. He has worked with EC-Council APAC as the sole web and graphic designer for over 3 years. He was responsible for all design-related tasks and corporate site portal maintenance for EC-Council APAC as well as its sister companies.

He is skillful in audio-visual editing, graphics editing, and web design. He is enthusiastic, creative, self-motivated, as well as a fast learner.


Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)