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Ghazal Jenab

Ghazal Jenab  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2019 (Cohort 13)

Artist / Designer

Ghazal is an industrial designer graduated from the University of Tehran in Iran. She loves creating from and designing something new and unique. With the experience of working on different projects with groups, she has advanced abilities in graphic design, 3D modeling and also exceptional communication skills and teamwork skills.

Ghazal was part of a diverse team for designing the 3rd generation of iran’s national robot (SurenaIII ) , working with people with different backgrounds helped her to get to know new fields like social robots which lead her to define her thesis around that research area.

One of her biggest inspiration for choosing this career is a robot she designed that deasl with elders' emotion and loneliness when she was at university. Through this project, she got to work with different professions (psychologists and mechanical engineers and programmers) and dealt with different problems which lead her to her interests in interaction design and how it changes people's behavior and perspective and how it can improve ones social life and mental health.

Ghazal has experience in managing a team for 6 months.

She is also passionate about game design, photography, and animation and character design. With a variety of skill sets and practices in different areas, she is able to think outside of the box and brings different perspectives into the projects and add more dynamic to a team.

Ghazal knows Rhinoceros, Solidworks, Maya, Autocad, Photoshop, Graphic Design, UI and digital painting.

Skill Sets: 
3D Designer
Project Manager

Projects: Ameegos, Viva la Vida