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Haiwei Hou


Haiwei Hou is a visual storyteller focused on visual narratives and creativity. She has worked on various projects for Nickelodeon, Sideshow Collectibles, Applibot Inc., Nelvana Animation Studios, Mercury Film Works, Boom Studios and Satellitesoda.

While enrolled in the Fine Arts program and Architecture program in Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts as well as the Sheridan College Animation program (graduating with high honors), she has taken a well-rounded berth of courses including life-drawing, sculpture molding, principles of physics, world architecture, storyboarding, science fiction literature, and environmental science. This education helped her develop a versatile artistic skill set which allows her to work with various mediums, styles, and techniques. When developing a group film in the third year of animation she had the opportunity to cooperate with group members, problem solve, develop time management skills and pitch ideas to a large audience. As a summer intern at the SpongeBob production team in Nickelodeon she learnt how to efficiently assist in tracking, prepping and delivering production materials to staff and the overseas production studio. During the internship, she was introduced to "The Legend of Korra" production team and was offered a storyboard test for one of their episodes, which she completed in three sleepless days, and impressed them with dynamic camera angles and impossible actions. She created her fourth year thesis film "Vernal Equinox" based on what she learnt from the test; it has garnered awards and was screened in several film festivals including 2012 Ottawa International Animation Festival and the 2013 Atlanta Film Festival. Recently, working on "The Legend of Korra" production team professionally has helped improve her visual storytelling skills and continued experience working with a team on deadlines.

She looks forward to challenge herself in a team-based creative career.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)