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Hong Li

Hong Li  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)

Business / Entrepreneur

Hong completed his undergraduate studies in Digital Media Technology at Guilin University of Electronic Technology. During this period, he participated in video editing, animation production, program game development and business planning competitions and won prizes.

After graduating from university, Hong worked in cloud service technical support, e-commerce business development and project management industries. Experience from IT, e-commerce, and management background allows him to switch freely in different roles. 

In 2017, Hong came to Australia for a working holiday. During this period of volunteer activities and the desire for further study, he decided to devote himself to the VR/AR industry to help the development of education and medical technology in backward areas. During the period, he learned related skills through Coursera and Chinese Internet platforms, such as Unity development and C# programming, and coupled with 3D design knowledge during the university, he hopes to have a solid grasp of professional skills in the VR/AR direction.

Hong has always believed that continuous learning is the best way to enhance his competitiveness in the project industry.

He hopes to continuously enhance his game design and Unity skills through the progress of industry projects in CDM. At the same time, he also looks forward to communicating with classmates and customers, colliding more ideas and practicing.

Skill Sets: 
Game Designer
Marketing / Communication Specialist
Product Manager
Unity Programmer

Projects: Data Dashboard with The Law Foundation of British Columbia, Tugboat Simulator with Vancouver Maritime Museum