Jian Shi

Jian Shi  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2020 (Cohort 14)

Artist / Designer

Jian received his Bachelor of Graphic Design Degree at the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China and then received his Master of Design Degree at the University of New South Wales located in Sydney, Australia. In addition, Jian completed an Art & Media program at the University of Salford in 2014. He gained valuable graphic design and critical thinking skills. His studies focused primarily on graphic design, 2D illustration and concept art.

After his Masters Degree he worked as a graphic designer in Sydney. His clients included Union Pay, Hikvision, ICBC, Greenland Real Estate and many other local and international companies. He also provided illustration services to Arc'tyrex, Outdoor Magazine and many books and shopping malls as a freelance contractor.

In the future, Jian wants to apply his knowledge and skills from his Art & Design background to real-life digital media projects. Jian's goal with the MDM program is to develop his skills and portfolio within the gaming industry to pursue a career in the exciting world of gaming in Vancouver.

Skill Sets: 
2D Designer
Concept Artist