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Jisoo is a 2D artist with a lifelong love for animation and global cultures. Her superpower is in visualizing complex concepts and demystifying them, often through whimsy characters and humor. Based on her experience living in 4 different countries, she firmly believes that stories are key to cultivate empathy as an international community as well as understand the world around us.

Jisoo comes from a graphic design background where she developed a keen eye for aesthetics and nimble hands for all things Adobe. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Graphic Design, she worked as a graphic designer at Phenomenon, an award-winning creative agency based in LA. There she had a chance to collaborate remotely with her team on client projects that ranged from ad concepts for boutique tequila to rebranding a spaceflight company.

At the Centre for Digital Media, Jisoo is on a mission to test her abilities as an artist/designer, hone storytelling skills, and adopt innovative technology that will enhance the visual experience for both the creators and the viewers. She is especially interested in the use of extended reality (AR, VR, MR etc) and virtual characters. She aspires to work in animation or similar industries to tell stories that resonate with a broad audience and encourage meaningful conversations around diversity and inclusion.

Jisoo speaks English and Korean fluently and knows many useful French words.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • 2D Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • UI Designer
  • UX Designer
Instagram: omjisoo