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Serious Future Arts Centre Simulator Game with Embassy of France

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In collaboration with The Embassy of France in Canada, Art of Festivals, and Alliance française de Vancouver, Team Nuage is developing a serious game that reflects the experience of what an arts centre can be and should be. This future-facing choice-based digital simulation game will provide different scenarios and management cycles of a fictional multidisciplinary arts venue to stimulate critical thinking, identify future trends and provide a discussion basis for change management.

The goal of this game is to educate culture professionals and leaders to enable critical reflection and discussion. This game will offer choices grounded in the current and future realities of their field, and showcasing the multiple challenges and opportunities that these choices open or close by providing multi-branching scenarios that lead to different endings and rewards to promote ability to replay.

TeamNuage_Chali Termpaiboon.png
Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)