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Joey Wong

Joey Wong  | student

Class of: 
Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)

Artist / Designer

Joey is a lifelong learner of the world. In his time at The Ohio State University, he pursued an undergraduate degree in Decision & Cognitive Psychology. However, Joey came to understand the intricate connections between human psychology and user experience (UX). He realized good things happen when you consistently involve the users of a product to bridge the gap of understanding. As a multilingual communicator (Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese) with a multicultural background, Joey is his best when collaborating with others and combining the different facets of a project.

Joey began his UX career in Kaiser Permanente’s UX research team as a user research coordinator, going beyond the usual responsibilities. He made drastic changes to implement teamwide processes and high-level strategy insights for the design and research team. His insights from user research projects also translated to redesigns on Kaiser’s major digital products. After, Joey started Propel Projects, a non-profit program that focuses on forming cross-functional teams of students and career changers from various backgrounds to build a side project together and break into the tech industry. To date, the program has attracted over 50 participants from over 15 countries.

His enthusiasm about human decision-making and his experiences with the world has curated a diverse set of people and problem-solving skills. Hence, he hopes that his time at MDM will help him enhance and refine this skillset and narrow his focus. He believes that the project-focused aspect of the MDM will serve as experimentation to point him towards an industry that best suits his abilities and skill set.

Skill Sets: 
UI Designer
UX Designer
Product Manager
Usability Tester