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Peter Zhengyang Pan


Peter is a programmer with a Finance and Management background.

He earned his Bachelor's degree in Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario with a specialization in Finance and a major in Computer Science. During college, Peter also had the experience of financing and managing a local student NGO. Peter's background in both Programming and Management is a great value addition to any team that will help drive it towards success.

Some of Peter's passions and skills include: programming and coding, backend development, video editing, and various parts of business management.

Peter chose the Master of Digital Media program to further develop these passions and skills alongside talented and like-minded people. He hopes to expand his technical and creative skills during his time at the Centre for Digital Media, and ultimately to decide what career path would best fit his interests.


Dec 2019 (Cohort 13)


  • Entrepreneur
  • Programmer (C++, C#, Python, Java...)
  • Video Editor
  • Unity Programmer