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Sachit Gulwadi

Sachit Gulwadi

Sachit wants to leverage the latest technological trends and use them to solve the world's hardest problems. He believes that technology gives you a massive delta (Δ) over the next best thing. At the CDM, Sachit aims to strengthen his fundamentals and believes that the MDM program allows him to accomplish his strategic objective of becoming an entrepreneur and a digital product leader. He is seeking to combine his previous experiences to engineer impact at scale.

Sachit's core skill is what he defines as Full Spectrum Product Management. This involves the end-to-end management of a product from its initial ideation phase to effectively taking the said product into the market after having validated its product-market fit based on data-driven insights. Apart from this, he is adept at user research, competitor analysis, rapid prototyping, stakeholder management, agile project & team management, among other product-focused abilities. Given his academic background, he can also conduct independent research from a multi-methodological perspective. Sachit is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a Certified Scrum Master.

Until recently Sachit was working as an early stage employee in a stealth startup which was fighting crime and human trafficking in South Asia at a systems level. The organization worked at the intersection of technology, design and social development, and was involved in solving complex problems using a data-driven, community-led, and design-based approach. Sachit and his team designed multi-disciplinary solutions across analytics, social science, community development, marketing, legal and other areas to solve complex social issues. He led a diverse team of research associates in the collection and management of disparate and multi-layered data. He structured and analyzed team inputs to engineer data-driven deliverables on which strategic organizational objectives were built. He worked directly with the CEO and COO on programmes and strategy implementation and reported directly to the CEO on three high impact organization-wide and cross-team special projects. He was instrumental in setting up an agile implementation based on Scrum which was specifically modified for his organizational use case. He was also instrumental in the conception, implementation, and adaptation of organization-level and team-level goal setting using OKRs. Apart from this, Sachit was also involved in building and delivering learning, development, and training modules at all verticals of the organization. He was also one of the lead trainers for new employees and worked directly with the VP (People and Culture).

In his previous version, Sachit was an analyst with a strong focus on policy and conflict issues. He has always had a keen interest in topics ranging from geopolitics and economics to culture. His other research interests are centred around but not restricted to international relations, intercultural communication and dialogue, truth and reconciliation commissions/peace commissions, strategic studies and public policy. His aim now is to find convergence between all of his research and professional interests.

Sachit has an undergraduate degree in information technology & computer science. He also holds a Masters degree in International and Area Studies and Graduate Certificates in Public Policy, Strategic Studies and Product Management. He has also interned at UNESCO and at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

He enjoys cinema from all around the world, reading and analyzing history, listening to metal and progressive rock, video games, travelling, international cuisine and coffee - sometimes all at the same time.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


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