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Simran is an engineer-designer, a cinephile and a storyteller on a mission to create happiness and trying to innovate ways on how digital media can improve people's lives. He does whatever needs to be done for the team to deliver successful products. He’s an empathetic professional, and skilled orator who excels in managing interdisciplinary teams, crafting a vision, & rallying cross-functional teams to deliver innovations on behalf of customers.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (from India in 2015), Simran joined the booming IT startup ecosystem and worked very closely with the early-based startups as a core team member, implementing IoT & AI in Automotive, Fintech, and Ed-Tech companies in B2B and B2C markets - helping them get on a scalable trajectory. By wearing the versatile hats of Business Analyst, Design Head, Product & Project Manager, he successfully implemented digital solutions and ground-breaking strategies for big global clients like Renault, Mercedes, KTM, Volvo and top universities as Stanford and Columbia Business School.

When he is not working, you can find him helping NGOs, playing cricket & soccer, travelling or blogging. He truly believes that his time at CDM is a golden opportunity to explore new cultures, expand mental horizons, and master the cutting-edge technologies that will help transform his vision into reality. Coming from a developing nation, he has seen grim realities & collapsing systems, and now his mission is to solve those challenges by collaborating Art and Technology via digital media, leaving earth a happier & better place.


Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)


  • Entrepreneur
  • UX Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
Instagram: simran_sran