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Catch of the Night with Trickfilm

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Studio Fabrica is an independent animation studio focused on pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. In Latin “Fabrica” is the word for “craft” or “art”, but it can also mean “the manner of construction” or “workmanship”, and, by extension, “skillful production”, such as fabric or a building. It is this way that we see ourselves as trailblazers of the budding landscape of new technology, with which to break the bonds of convention in narrative structure and visual art.

This time Studio Fabrica has partnered with TrickFilm in a great adventure to help prove out their new medium for indie animation that relies less heavily on revenue from plastic toys, or, what they dub ‘landfill licensing’. This joint venture is looking to create a new platform for independent interactive animation with an alternative revenue stream and customizable content, to help young studios like ours flourish and grow.

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Dec 2022 (Cohort 16)