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Tanya Motwani


When Tanya first began her undergraduate degree in Television, Radio, and Film at Syracuse University, she began questioning her decision to enter the digital industry, coming from an Indian household that believed in only numbers and science as the right choice. However, she found her motivation to follow this trajectory in her second semester of college, when she realized the lack of exposure the world had to the stories of people who were like her, people who, for a long time, did not have the ability to tell their stories. She made it her goal to, somehow, communicate these stories and experiences to the rest of the world with the knowledge and skills she had acquired during her degree. 

Ever since graduating college in 2019, Tanya began working as a Production Coordinator, first at Cutter Productions, followed by SLAM Media Inc. As a Production Coordinator, her job involved aiding the Production Manager in creating schedules, hiring crew, building budgets working with clients, assisting as a graphic designer to create lookbooks and treatments and managing communication between all teams involved. 

As a CDM student, Tanya hopes to understand the process of making digital media products better, to allow her to work towards accomplishing her goal of telling diverse stories. She brings her experience as a project manager working in three different countries and cultural environments, and a passion for learning about languages and cultures and the way they interact with the digital media space. 

When not studying or playing one of her shiny, new games, Tanya can be found exploring the city she lives in, looking for her next favorite bar or restaurant. 


Dec 2023 (Cohort 17)


  • Game Designer
  • Media Producer
  • Producer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Sound Designer
  • Video Editor