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Yoki Xue

Yoki Xue

I am a multimedia designer and developer currently pursuing my Master’s degree at the Centre for Digital Media. I hold a bachelor’s in interactive media from NYU Abu Dhabi. During my undergraduate years, I cultivated a diverse skill set, including Unity, Blender, Figma, Tidalcycles, and Hydra, while also becoming proficient in programming languages like C#, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML/CSS. My passion lies in utilizing these technologies to transform ideas into reality.

Growing up and being educated in multiple cultures has made me a keen and empathetic observer. I firmly believe that digital storytelling is key to cultivating awareness of an inclusive community as well as understanding the world around us. My featured projects include a Virtual Reality experience that speaks for people with Alzheimer’s (2023); an AR experience that echoes the voice of people being politically oppressed (2022); and the user interface for Mamain, a smartphone-based nearby lactation room locator (2020).

My professional journey extends beyond my academic pursuits. I have interned as a game developer and web developer at Endless Studios and Versus Programming Network E-sports, respectively. Currently, I am serving as a research assistant and website developer for, a crowdsourcing platform for Chinese learners to share their insights.


Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)