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AI-Powered XR Hosts: Your Smart Mobile Companions at Signals by DigiBC and VIFF

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The XR Host Project for Signals Expo 2024 exemplifies cutting-edge innovation and creativity at the intersection of technology and art. 

A multidisciplinary team of 6 students is tasked with creating an AI-powered XR host for the Expo. Visitors will be captivated by the immersive and interactive experience offered by the XR host. The XR host with a unique personality, will guide visitors through the event, offering directions, information, and interesting interactions using natural languages powered by a custom ChatGPT tool. 

The challenge of developing this XR host lies in integrating evolving AI language models with diverse capabilities and ensuring seamless interactions across multiple platforms. Our vibrant and diverse team, consisting of a project manager, developers, 3D and technical artists, and a UX/UI designer, collaborates passionately to bring this vision to life. The synergy and creativity within our team are the driving forces to blend technical expertise with artistic flair.

Team Aicho
Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)