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Bo Jensen

Bo Jensen

Following his passion for books, Bo started studies to become a librarian, though quickly found that his passion for games was bigger.

Starting out in the field of Computer Science in the summer of 2012, he has quickly learned a number of skills related to designing and developing videogames.

Firstly, Bo’s area of expertise is programming. Bo quickly picked up on programming in C#, and has put this to good use in a number of projects, earning him experience developing top-down shooters, 2d-platformers, and more.

He has also acted as project manager on a number of projects, giving him a glimpse at the challenges that comes with the role, e.g. that a little kindness goes a long way, but that too much grinds the project to a stop.

Working in a group, Bo’s main asset is his ability to help others. Whether it is walking a teammate through a piece of code, or reviewing a design diagram, Bo is always happy to help.

Accepting the chance to study at the CDM, it is Bo’s hope to develop and mature his skills, both as a programmer and as part of a professional team.

Bo will be graduating with an AP degree in Computer Science by the start of 2015.

Projects: Virtual Reality Project