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Horror Roguelike Deck-Building Game with Chupacabra Game Studios

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Bean Studios is collaborating with Chupacabra Game Studios on a roguelike deck-builder game grounded in psychological horror. More specifically, the MDM student team has been tasked with developing the user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and visual identity for the game, supplementing Chupacabra Game Studios’ Unity development efforts with their own research, design and development abilities.

The nature of this project is very exploratory, as the game is in early development. The team must therefore tentatively expand upon narrative, mechanic and game design elements to establish a more concrete foundation on which to build UI, UX and visuals—Bean Studios’ core project focus. With this core focus, the team also faces the distinct challenge of merging immersive horror and strategy to deliver players an introspective and emotionally-intense gaming experience.

Currently, Bean Studios is conducting thorough primary and secondary research while casting a wide ideation net, communicating closely with Chupacabra Game Studios to ensure strong team-client alignment throughout the agile project process. The team strives to complete an art bible and UI/UX mockups of varying fidelity by the end of the term, alongside refining the existing game prototype. This will provide a solid foundation for Chupacabra Game Studios’ further development, enabling them to make confident decisions regarding the roguelike deck-builder’s next steps after project hand-off.


Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)