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Gamification of education can have a positive impact on engaging students. The brain is difficult to learn about and understand. We have developed a multimedia approach to neuroanatomy education with interactive modules, interactive brain slices, and high-quality videos. All of these resources are posted as an open education resource on neuroanatomy.ca.

The aim of this project is to turn these resources into a challenging game where participants gain levels, unlock "brain powers", and compete with peers around the world. The challenge is to take a very didactic and educational resource and turn it into a fun and engaging game without compromising the academic rigour. The game can include both the 2D resources on neuroanatomy.ca and 3D resources that we are developing as WebVR content. This project will be a proof of concept that existing resources can be gamified. The team will be tasked with developing a game narrative, engaging and unified visuals, an intuitive UI and an engaging UX. Future work will involve a scholarly evaluation if this enhances student engagement and performance. 

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