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True North

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As the biggest project team at the CDM, we are a team of programmers, designers, engineers and creators. We were put together to build two digital, interactive experiences for the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Both projects will feature an RCMP vessel, the St. Roch and the stories of it’s historically significance travels through the arctic.

Our first challenge: Create an immersive, interactive experience that will re-create the feeling of driving the ship in the wheelhouse of the St. Roch.

Our second challenge: Create a touchscreen experience that will allow visitors to break apart, explore and navigate the vessel on screen.

Collectively we bring a passion for exhibition design and the potential for digital media to integrate with traditional museum structures that will spark the curiosity of visitors while sharing stories of historical significance. As part of a two years re development plan for the museum, we are very excited to be involved in both of these projects! 

UBC student, Amy Lee; and Dania Academy of Higher Education student Michael Larsen are also on this team.

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Awards & Recognition

Dec 2015 (Cohort 9)