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Web Application with Justice Lab and the Property Assessment Appeal Board

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The Justice League is developing an innovative analysis system by taking the current technology at the Property Assessment Appeal Board website to the next level. Based on user experience data in the justice system, most Canadians with everyday legal problems do not use the formal civil justice processes to resolve their disputes. The Board receives appeals on assessments for all properties and assists users in resolving their disputes. Our team Web Application is designed to ease this process, especially for the public, who are usually not familiar with the legal steps and legal analysis. Our web gives the users a quick prediction of whether they are likely to succeed or not, and they can independently “take charge” of their participation and make informed decisions. We aimed to provide a less time-consuming, welcoming, and easy-to-understand process by including various features such as involving more visual elements and explicit language.

Dec 2021 (Cohort 15)