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Interactive Story in Vision Pro with Love on a Plate

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Challenge: Developing an XR experience for Vision Pro presents a significant challenge due to the necessity of extensive research and the constraints of limited resources on the forefront of cutting-edge technology and novel tools.

Current Situation: The client seeks to leverage this technology to bridge the gap between food and culture, allowing users to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures through a sensory-rich immersive experience. However, the current state of Vision Pro technology, which primarily relies on gaze and pinch interactions, limits the extent of user engagement and immersion. Additionally, traditional XR headsets like the Quest, which come with hand controls, can be less intuitive for many users, further justifying the choice of Vision Pro for its simplicity and ease of use. The client's goal is to create a multisensory experience that includes visual, audio, aroma, and taste elements, while also ensuring that users feel connected with their friends during the interaction. This ambitious goal faces several hurdles, including the integration of diverse sensory elements and the need for innovative interaction methods beyond the basic capabilities of Vision Pro.

Solution: To address these challenges, our team will conduct thorough research to maximize the potential of the available technology and tools. We will explore innovative solutions to enhance the interaction capabilities of Vision Pro, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. By incorporating advanced sensory elements, we aim to deliver a rich and immersive cultural experience that goes beyond traditional XR applications. Our approach includes the use of beautifully designed 3D assets and state-of-the-art sensory technology to create an environment where users can explore and appreciate different cultures through sight, sound, smell, and taste. The end result will be a cutting-edge XR experience that connects food, technology, and culture, offering users an unparalleled opportunity to learn and connect in a deeply immersive way.

Team Catflix
Dec 2024 (Cohort 18)