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As our ever increasing digital content is spread across the internet, we are increasingly challenged to maintain a sense of the scale and depth of our “stuff”. Project ACME is an effort to challenge traditional ways of thinking about and interacting with our personal data. With a keen attention to elements of design and time, we are building a tool that gathers, organizes and visualizes the content of all of our professional and personal outputs in one place.

As our repositories of data grow exponentially, we want to provide creative individuals with a manageable perspective of their digital content through tactility and a visualization of time. With this goal in mind, we have encouraged ourselves to interact with the physical textures of analogue communication and recording tools. We are looking to foster an environment of tactility, documentation and playfulness. We believe that embracing these themes in how we work with each other will carry through into the tool we’re making together.

To get a sense of how we work check out the timelapse of our “Memex” at the centre of our room. It is our canvas, our archive, our process, our record, and our blog - it is as we may think.

Acme Team Photo.jpg
Dec 2015 (Cohort 9)