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Projects III

MDM course calendar

MDM program year:  Two
MDM term(s) offered:  Term 3
Credits: 12

Building on the skills developed in Projects I, Projects II & III continue providing hands-on experience working with teammates from different backgrounds and disciplines. The course objectives include project management, managing client relationships, resource management, scope management and developing and articulating innovative solutions for digital media production. The requirements for a project are as follows:

  • Each team is made up of students from both technological and non-technological backgrounds. Students will be encouraged to develop additional skills they may not currently have.  For example, a software engineer may develop design or user interface skills.
  • The teams must both prototype and produce a tangible result (not a paper).
  • A faculty member approved by the MDM program for this project must oversee the work.

All project courses have an explicit role in teaching business aspects of team-based projects—project management and creation of a business plan by going through a ‘green light’ approval process. Students are also encouraged to pitch their own project in the final project course, DMED 522. These final projects must be team projects and can also lead to the creation of a start-up digital media company.