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Al Sinoy

Master of Digital Media Program

Al Sinoy was the MDM's agile coach, specializing on training students in the most popular agile project management style: scrum. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Product Owner (CSPO)

He has worked at a large organization as a Multimedia Consultant for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the UN Offices in Vienna; to a startup at rocket growth phase as a Product Manager & Scrum Master for Wooga, Berlin-based mobile game company.

The transition to focus on Agile Project Management happened as he experienced MDM program himself and graduated with Cohort 3 (aka “The Chosen Ones”) in 2011.

Al brought his MDM experience to Wooga where he started as a Product Manager for the Diamond Dash iOS team. He managed the team into championship calibre, which was key to bringing the game into the top 10 grossing charts. Over the 6 years at Wooga, Al has become a well-respected coach for many development teams company-wide as he educated them on effective agile management techniques. He was often trusted to facilitate retrospectives as he is able to create a safe environment that brings the best out of people from different backgrounds.

Al has now come full circle to coach teams at the MDM program. He is back with more experience; more insights on industry-standard tools and more fun tricks that will help the students embrace the value of agile development. His style of coaching is influenced by his love for sports and fitness. He believes that the motivational push and mutual respect with the students is the key to building strong teams, which increases the chances of creating great products and leaving the world a better place.


Apr 2011 (Cohort 3)