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Man Up Canada

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Man Up is a multi-faceted experience developed for the Canadian Men's Health Foundation (formerly the Men's Health Initiative of BC) that encourages men to take action concerning their health. The project uses game-influenced interactive videos and an integrated media marketing campaign that bridges the gap between digital and real-world interactions. In its simplest form, this campaign aims to align healthy lifestyle choices with being masculine.

The gameplay elements of the narrative experience use humour to encourage men in the 18 - 35 demographic to reflect on their masculinity. Two hilarious and contrasting personalities lead the audience through an engaging narrative, which ultimately convinces the user that, although strong and masculine, men are not invincible to health issues.

The student production team focused on brand expansion, interactive data visualization, visual design and presentation design. The team acted as the creative and developmental support for the and campaigns.

Apr 2011 (Cohort 3)