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Husaina Wardhawala

Hussaina strongly believes that humans create problems so as to solve them and as a leader she thinks and talks solutions rather than choosing to think and talk problems. She has been playing Nintendo games and RPGs like Diablo since she was a child and has watched friends and family play them, carefully, because she believes it tells you a lot about a person, the moves they make, the times they wait for, and she takes great joy in breaking human patterns down. She feeds off of creative solutions to problems and that’s why her journey at the CDM took her further into seeking solutions.

Hussaina has a background in Computer Science, Journalism and UX Design. Combining the three, She has worked on game projects with Relic Entertainment and Blackbird Interactive where she played Game Designer and Producer roles. Both the prototypes were 3.5 months long, so her team and she were able to make good use of their knowledge of Agile Methodology. She has been a mentor for interns in her UX design work role too.
She identifies with the skill of building skilled interaction between the User and the game/platform; and has been involved in the game design process from pre to post production for several prototypes, where she applied her knowledge of UX Designing and Story-telling to create better Quests/Mission systems, quality of game products and level designs. She has prior experience working with Unity3D and Unreal Engine.


Dec 2018 (Cohort 12)


  • UX Designer
  • Game Designer
  • Producer
  • Project Manager
  • Writer