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Julio Cumana

Cumano, Julio.JPG

During his first steps after a BFA at University of Houston, Julio started doing freelance art, with different experiments that eventually led him to design, and from there advertising through art direction. This presented him with a consistent invitation to experiment with new technologies while sparking an interest in looking at the ways that people behave when faced with different forms of interaction. This was mostly in the form of challenges where there would be an exchange with people, through technology, for the purpose of branding. It was always fun and had some clear common ground. A video game was usually the approach, and being an avid gamer from a very early age, his career path started to make perfect itself clearer.

Julio wants to carry on with learning and experimenting with Digital Media for all kinds of creative endeavors and the CDM is a place where he feels he'll be able to grow and refine his skill set; sharing inspiration with unique minds in innovative learning experiences.


Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)