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In August 2014, Nanjing, China will host the second ever Youth Olympic Games. Bridge is a trans-Pacific collaboration to produce a legacy for those Games and for Nanjing, one of China's oldest cities. 

Team Bridge is tasked with designing, writing and storyboarding a short film to be displayed in the Youth Olympic Games Museum using state-of-the-art digital graphics technology, animated and produced by Crystal CG. The exhibit won't just be linear—Team Bridge will incorporate elements of interactive storytelling into the exhibit's design to teach users about the Olympic spirit and the unique culture in Nanjing.

The team will draw on the expertise of Crystal CG, a world-leading animation company that has been involved with both the Beijing and London Olympics. The project represents an opportunity to help craft a story with global appeal, informed by techniques and creativity in very different cultures. In some ways, that is precisely the point of the Youth Olympics: to work together and learn from others in the face of a challenge.


Although Bridge is well-equipped with a team of narrative designers, writers, and storyboard artists, the project will move fast. With only two months from the launch of the project to the release of the final production, the team will have to practice Agile production and foster strong collaboration, not just at the CDM but across time, distance, and language barriers as well. With Crystal CG operating out of China and a diverse CDM team, cross-cultural learning is essential for Bridge to succeed.

Dec 2014 (Cohort 8)