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Ligia Brosch

Ligia Brosch.jpg

Ligia is a Brazilian photographer and photography teacher with a thirst for knowledge. She worked for many years as a camera assistant in advertising films in Brazil, which gave her the opportunity to work and learn with some of the best DOPs and directors (from Brazil and beyond). With all that experience she developed her own style, and the courage to fly solo and pursue her career as a still photographer: where she worked mostly with publicity pictures, portraits, theatre plays and rock concerts. She began teaching in 2011, and it took her by surprise how much she enjoyed it. Since then, she has taught photography to more than 1,500 people, and many of them have started their careers as photographers after their lessons with her.

During the Master of Digital Media program, Ligia has worked on a game project, building a game for the First Nations Technology Council with the mentorship of Roadhouse Interactive.

Ligia is currently working in video in dome format for the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.


Dec 2013 (Cohort 7)