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Ling is aspiring to be a director and storyteller. She was born in China and grew up in a family of journalists. At a young age, she showed great interest in storytelling and images, and always tried to capture fleeting moments through her writing and photography.

Ling graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Radio and Television Editing and Directing at the Communication University of China. Her digital media experience began at Nanjing Daily as a web layout designer. After that, Ling worked in various areas of media with different positions, including photographer, editor, journalist, playwright, director, and associate producer.

In 2012, Ling produced her first documentary, An Elementary School with Only One, which was nominated for the National Excellent Documentary Award.

Ling is passionate about visual effects, storytelling, and interactive media design. Studying digi-tal media in the MDM program will allow her to transform her passion into strong digital skills and designs. She is looking forward to working with professionals from different perspectives and fields.


Dec 2015 (Cohort 9)


  • Animator / VFX
  • Video Editor