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Ursus Maritimus

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Ursus Maritimus is working with the Vancouver Maritime Museum to create an educational, interactive experience for children.  The team is tasked with envisioning the museum's new mascot, Anthony of the Arctic, and bringing him to life through CG animation.  Anthony will teach kids about Canada’s maritime history, in an engaging, game-like experience.

The installation will project at least one detailed scene onto the walls of a room to create a more immersive environment. Kids will interact with their surroundings, choosing some of the content they see and learn about, while going on an adventure with Anthony.

The experience will also include animated holograms that feature the main objects in the story, which Anthony will feature in the story.  Kids manipulate physical objects to influence the environment them, and drive an educational story.

UBC student Asif Mammadov is also on this team. 

Ursus Maritimus_450x250.jpg
Dec 2015 (Cohort 9)