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Nicholas Kubash


Since early childhood, Nick has wanted to combine his love of games with art and interactive media. In 2008, he was provisionally accepted by the Alberta College of Art and Design, where he learned art and design fundamentals, illustration and mythic storytelling – the keys to all narrative expression within digital media.

In his later years in college, Nick acquired a unique perspective on the future of gaming and storytelling and seeks to apply this to future creative endeavors.

Since his graduation from ACAD in 2012, he has worked in a freelance capacity on numerous independent games, most notably: Praxia Entertainment’s Beyond Sol - envisioned by two former members of Bioware Edmonton and Montreal. Within this project, he provided concept art, illustrations, UI and logo designs.

Nick sees his job as concept artist as someone who must look not only to the future to solve creative problems – but the past. His unique style is combined not only with modern aesthetic and design, but is tempered with recognition and homage to the ancient world: a subject that holds deep significance and inspiration for his creative endeavors.

Nick has made it his mission to combine his artistic, story-driven education with a unique perspective of the past, in order to create new and immersive worlds for the future! To accomplish this, he sees a wonderful opportunity within the MDM program: an chance to learn more about how to integrate his own skills with that of others, as well as acquire additional skills in 3D software and visual design.


Dec 2018 (Cohort 12)


  • 2D Designer
  • Concept Artist
  • UI Designer